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Custom Programming Services I provide custom application development utilizing combinations of programming tools like Visual Basic, VB.Net or Microsoft Office tools like Access,  Excel, and Word. This includes programming with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and SQL for databases. I can design applications that utilize various database systems, including native MS Access, SQL Server, and Oracle. I will work closely with you and your people to derive the requirements for your system and can create anything from a turn-key business application to simply enhancing and improving your existing systems. I can provide special data handling services. Do you need to store special kinds of data in your database, like images, or videos. Do you have client's with raw data from their system that needs to be processed and reformatted to be usable in your system. Do you have data that needs to be imported or exported to programs like Excel. Do you need to simplify or automate your data handling I have and can create custom programs and routines for all of these.
VCurb Project   VCurb Project
VCurbTM Vertical Curves And Curb Returns.            This program is used to solve vertical curve & grade calculations in roadway designs. It has been optimized for designing curb returns at street intersections
TTNOEF Project   TTNOEF Project
TTN OEF Total Traffic Network Order Entry,  Total Traffic Network Ordery Entry Form allows easy order entry with PDF contract prontout, XML file export, and automated refrence table updates.
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Software Developer - Utilizing Visual Basic and MS Office programs to help with your software development solutions.
Ronald A Weller Consulting DataSave Project   DataSave Project
DataSaveTM  The User-Friendly Backup,  DataSaveTM backup utility is installed onto a removable drive.  This allows you to plug the drive into any windows machine and backup the machine's hard drives.
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